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IB Results are in!!  The results are available to Mrs. Gribbin only on 05 July.  Students can login to their IB candidate account at and access their scores beginning 06 July.  Results will be automatically available (or snail-mailed) to the college/university you entered on your senior exit survey for guidance.

If you do not have your personal code or PIN, please email Mrs. Gribbin ([email protected]) to get your information and results.

Please contact Mrs. Gribbin with any questions or problems with your college/university accessing your results.

GHS IB Teachers 2021-2022

Susan Inman, Bobby Livingston, Kim MacDonald, Lindsay Butler, Seth Knowles, Margaret Corral, Sebastian Brenes, Julie Doughty, Graham Shove, Emily Banks, Stacy Rodriguez, Vanessa Gribbin, Jenn Tracey, Sarah Bailey, Kevin Rollins, Ceri Botto, Emily Rupe, Sarah Way (TOK), Gregory Greenleaf (CAS), Heather Perkinson (EE)