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University of Southern Maine grants credit for the following IB exams:

    • Standard-Level (SL) with a score of 4 or higher

    • Higher-Level (HL) with a score of 4 or higher

Students entering in the Fall of 2022 must receive a score of 4 or higher on a Standard-Level (SL) or Higher-Level (HL) IB exam.

GHS IB Teachers 2022-2023

Language and Literature: Susan Inman, Bobby Livingston
French: Kim MacDonald, Taylor Poulin
Latin: Seth Knowles
Spanish: Sebastian Brenes, Margaret Corral
Geography: Brendan Curran, Julie Doughty, Graham Shove
History: Glenn Tracey
Biology: Stacy Rodriguez
Chemistry: Emily Banks
Mathematics: Vanessa Gribbin, Jenn Tracey
Music: Sarah Bailey, Kevin Rollins
Visual Arts: Ceri Botto, Emily Rupe
Extended Essay: Heather Perkinson
Theory of Knowledge: Sarah Way
Creativity, Activity, Service: Gregory Greenleaf