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GHS IB Annual Theme

Food – we need it to live. It’s our sustenance and fuel. Within our bodies, we are formulated to take what we give it to nourish our mind and body, even our spirit. We rely on food for basic nutritional needs, but we also look to food for comfort, supplements, and medicine. At the same time, our food requires proper conditions to grow. It needs light, water, soil, chemical reactions within plants and animals. Without enough food, societies and people have fallen into famine. Food has been used as a weapon and a way to subdue populations as well as an impetus for war. Conversely, food inspires creativity, function, and playfulness in art and music. We celebrate around harvests, and we express our thanks for abundance. As “Food for Thought” as a theme in our IB classes at GHS, we will examine, connect to and reflect on the complex world of food around us. 


As IB teachers, our goal is to collaborate and connect on interdisciplinary themes and units. This year, we decided as a team to collaborate on an Annual Theme. That theme is “Food for Thought”, and how the following aspects of food weave and intersect throughout all of our IB courses. Throughout this year we will regularly connect with other IB teachers in different disciplines on how we’re integrating this theme into our classes.

GHS IB Teachers 2023-2024

Language and Literature: Susan Inman, Bobby Livingston
French: Kim MacDonald, Taylor Poulin
Latin: Seth Knowles
Spanish: Sebastian Brenes, Margaret Corral
Geography: Julie Doughty, Graham Shove
History: Glenn Tracey, Graham Shove
Biology: Stacy Rodriguez
Chemistry: Emily Banks
Mathematics: Vanessa Gribbin, Jenn Tracey, Nina Berube
Music: Sarah Bailey, Kevin Rollins
Visual Arts: Ceri Botto, Mel Eagan
Extended Essay: Heather Perkinson
Theory of Knowledge: Sarah Way, Rich Taylor
Creativity, Activity, Service: Gennifer Giuliano