Class of 2024 Graduation Balloons

Hello Parents/Guardians!


The freshman Class of 2027 would like to continue the Balloon Send-Off tradition of recognizing our seniors as they prepare for the next stage of their lives.  Here is an opportunity to celebrate our wonderful, hardworking, talented seniors.  2024 Greely Grad Balloon Send Off


There are three balloon options for sale.

Option 1:  An eco-friendly air-filled Latex Balloon lollipop on a garden stake.  Perfect for next to a mailbox, graduation sign, or porch railing.  These DO NOT contain helium. ($16 each)

Option 2:  A single helium balloon on a ribbon. Perfect for tying to mailboxes or porches! ($8 each, includes deposit)Option 3:  A personalized (3) helium balloon bouquet on ribbon.  The student's name will be handwritten on the balloon.  ($20 each, includes deposit)

When will my Greely Grad get our order?

We will schedule a pickup day that aligns with marching practice so your Greely Grad can pick up their balloon(s).

How eco-friendly are the bouquets?
We found the most biodegradable balloons we could and are filling the balloons with air.  We still recommend that you dispose of balloons safely to not harm our local wildlife :)
Isn't helium being used up at an alarming rate?
Balloon helium isn't as pure as science helium or welding helium.  There is enough to go around right now and for the foreseeable future.
How do I deflate the balloons to get my deposit back?
Put a drinking straw in the valve until the gas starts to come out. Press gently and fold or roll.
The garden stakes and the helium balloons (carefully deflated) can be returned to Katie Dexter at GHS on Monday, June 10th between the hours of 10 am and 1 pm by the GCA. 
Why can I only return the balloons and garden stakes at that one time?
The office staff is working very hard and we didn't want to put more responsibility on them.

Please email [email protected] with any questions!
2024 Greely Grad Balloon Send Off