Ranger Report - 2/5/2024

Monday, February 5, 2024


Upcoming events:

February 6th - IB Information Night

February 8th - SILO Showcase NYCC (Wescustogo Hall) 6:00-8:00pm

February 8th - School Day Mental Health Guest Speaker

February 8th - Evening Mental Health Community Presentation 6:00-7:30 pm GCA

February 19-23 -  No School (President’s day, Winter Break)

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PATHS 2nd Qtr Newsletter - Way to Go GHS student Eden Saylor!

PATHS Newsletter  Eden is a first-year student with a strong thirst for knowledge. She shows up every day eager to learn and develop new skills. She has great attendance and is on track for completing the First Year NCCER Core certification. Eden is a team player and works well with all the other students on her crew. She produces high quality work and encourages everyone else to do the same. Congratulations Eden for an amazing start to the year and being selected as student of the quarter”

February 6th - IB Information Night

Come find out about the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program at Greely High School. IB Coordinator, Kim MacDonald, will present an overview of course offerings, the benefits of the courses/program and how to get involved.  This is an informational presentation for interested Parents and Students.  There will be a Q&A time at the end with current GHS IB diploma students.   Tuesday, February 6 @ 7:00 in the GCA at Greely High School

FMI: [email protected]    

Interested in More Information: Link to family/students interest form

February 8th - Mental Health Speaker

Thank you GHS club Kyle Cares and Minding your Mind organization for providing a quality Mental Health educational experience for our students, parents and the community. 

Topic:  Mental Health - Just Talk About It

Student Assembly - School Day

Parents/Community - 6:00 - 7:30 PM  GCA  Cumberland / North Yarmouth parents and residents are welcome to join us 

Live Stream Available (Evening of event) - MSAD Youtube Channel to watch live stream

February 8th - SILO Showcase

Please join GHS SILO (Student Individual Learning Opportunity Students) for their semester experience showcase.  This event will feature over a dozen student presentations and will be held on Thursday evening, February 8th from 6:00 -8:00 pm at the North Yarmouth Community Center (Wescustogo Hall).  Students have put in a tremendous amount of work and have made many meaningful connections with the community and this is a great opportunity to hear more! For more information contact Andrew Fersch at [email protected]


GGT will be on May 3rd in the GCA. This year's event will include cash prizes, 3 divisions, celebrity judges and audience voting!! Audition videos are due by February 26. For further information read here or email Mr. Rollins @ [email protected].

2024-2025 Course Registration Support

GHS School Counselors have met with 9-11th Grade students with an overview of the course registration process to assist with their planning for 2024-25 classes.  

  • Each student has received a Transcript & Course Request Form. 
  • Teachers will be talking with students and making course recommendations between now and February 7th. 
  • On February 8th, Powerschool will “Go Live” for students to input their course requests.
  • February 15th is the deadline for students to input requests into powerschool and turn in their paper forms into student services.
  • March 7th, families will receive finalized copies of student course requests for parents to review and sign and have returned by March 15th.